a short film by emmett sparling
An inside look
This is a passion project of mine that has been in the works since the beginning of Covid lockdown. I began writing the script last march- slowly adding to it day by day… Sending it to friends, getting feedback, and changing things around.

I wanted Chelsea Yamase to be in it because she is always telling me beautiful stories like this one. Rachel Moore was kind enough to let us shoot on her sailboat while also being the perfect balance to Chelsea in the film. Acting is about subtlety and I think they both did an incredible job… it’s not easy with dialogue scenes.

As for the footage, my goal was to NOT use any stock-footage. I spent most of the last year with this project in the back of my mind- always keeping an eye out for shots I could capture to help tell the story of Nasa’s Voyager Spacecrafts.

Shane McLachlan and I brainstormed concepts for VFX shots in the film, and being the incredibly talented human that he is, decided to try learning 10 years of VFX and compositing in just a few months. All the VFX shots of the spacecraft were done by him for the film based on storyboards we created. Other friends of mine helped me with the shots I was unable to capture- such as the volcanoes in Guatemala and the elephants in South Africa. One of my best friends Isaiah English spent almost a whole year recording sound effects and making an incredible library of original sounds used in this film.

I guess what I’m trying to say is: creating projects that are meaningful to you, is always made better when you surround yourself with a crew of talented, inspiring, and creative people. And in this case, I feel very lucky to call them my friends. Thank you friends for putting up with my creative vision, and bringing your full creative energy to make it possible.

Behind the scenes